Sponsor FAQs

Exhibit Information:

  • Monona Terrace | One John Nolen Drive | Madison, WI  53703
  • Shipping and handling questions, contact the Event Coordinator at Monona Terrace (608-261-4000)
  • No power is provided with your booth space.  If power is needed, an additional charge will apply based on the terms and conditions of the venue.
  • Only Gaffers Tape may be used on the floors.
  • Table sizes are six foot by 30 inches and come with two chairs.
  • Shipments shall arrive no earlier than two days prior to the event (5/15/2020).
  • Outgoing shipments may be made with the carrier of your choice.

Event Information:

  • All sponsors should email your company logos to utilities@wisc.edu for program adverts and website use.
  • Diamond/Platinum/Gold sponsors
      • Email your company statement to utilities@wisc.edu
      • Send promotional items directly to conference committee* by May 4th.
        • 200 items
        • Maximum size per item: 9″ x 12″ x 12″
        • Maximum weight per item: 6 ounces

*Ship promotional item (gift bag inserts) to the following address:

Melissa McGaw
1217 University Ave
Madison, WI  53706